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I run a handful of in-depth workshops for people looking to take their photography to the next level

one to one photography

I always start with a discovery call. These are usually between twenty and thirty minutes in length and allow us to talk through some important pointers which will then enable me to tailor a session just for you, pitched at your level and covering exactly the area of focus (pardon the pun) that you wish to improve in your photography.

We work out what you’re currently achieving with your camera and which actions to take to get you the photographic results…

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Sarah Sheldrake

phone editing

The best camera you have is the one you have with you at the time. That often means the phone you carry with you daily. These smartphones that we now depend on (rather worryingly) have very powerful camera functionality and I can show you how to get the very best out of yours.

I will show you the importance of using the available light; this is vital to your photography. We’ll learn how to find good & identify good light, and use light to make interesting compositions.


Sarah Sheldrake

beginner dslr

In the beginner workshop, over half of the time is spent considering the importance of light; this is vital to your photography. We’ll learn how to find good & identify good light, and use the light to make interesting compositions. Understanding light will dramatically improve your photography and with immediate effect.

We spend around an hour in total learning the important settings and…


Sarah Sheldrake

advancing dslr

My ‘next stage’ workshop is more practical, with image critiques in the first part of the workshop and then turn-taking to photograph one another in pairs for around 45 mins. Every photographer needs to experience (some would say the pain of ..) being on the ‘other’ side of the lens to really appreciate the skills necessary to coax a great capture from their subject.

You also leave the workshop with some homework to do, then send me 3…


Sarah Sheldrake

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