June 2020

An ‘Apocaloptimist’ ; someone who knows it’s all going to shit but still thinks things will turn out ok. Isn’t that a fabulous word, right there?! I learned of it today and instantly love it. Wrote it down on a scrap of paper, pinned it up and adopted the word immediately.

Looking up and outward and all around for inspiration. Well, you’ve got to, haven’t you, at such an unprecedented time as this. We’re all apocaloptimists at various moments of each and every day, surely? That’s what I feel at least. Before any of this pandemic & pandemonium became a thing to contend with.

There’s certainly plenty of spring warmth and optimism outside where we live here in Hampsire and in the surrounding countryside, with seemingly endless days of unseasonably warm weather and blue skies to savour.

Though even with all the high temperatures and outdoor time, I’m finding it impossible not to succumb to the odd lockdown lethargy lowpoint. It’s an obvious enough anguish to feel, this inability to forecast what comes next and how it’s all going to be from now on, this new world order. To guess and predict which pathways will be permissive and just when.

Animals can help take us out of our heads, help restore a sense of balance and perspective whilst society appears to be recalibrating in front of our very eyes. The birds which continue to sing on regardless, belting out their dawn chorus above this human hiatus. I know I for one am much more attuned to the sound of the blackbird that sings to his mate from our tree and the two families of swifts nesting against our soffit boards. We’ve been watching a new litter of fox cubs head off late at night on their first hunting expeditions too. That’s been a highlight.

Are you appreciating your pets throughout all this? They definitely hone in and pick up on all the household emotions, don’t they? The good, the bad and the plain ugly; they’ll mirror it all right back at you.  Pets can bring a huge sense of calm, comfort and good company during difficult times of transition.

We used to have a dog, a big and beautiful rusty, brown boy called Bruce.  I miss him, his energy and the punctuation that his walks gave to my everyday.  Especially now, during this phase. I love the routine that caring for a dog brings with it.

This handsome pair below belong to local ceramicist @rachelpotter – her pots are as beautiful as her pets, incidentally, as you can see below – and I came across these shots accidentally whilst working through archives for a new project.

A new project which, owing to this current situation, I’m now in a position to prioritise and give some attention to. I’d usually be photographing at schools and nursery schools throughout May & June and so have some alternative ideas for summer 2020 which I’ll share with you shortly.

More on that soon.




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