VE Day, 2020

May 2020

The sun has got his hat on, right enough. Hip, hip, hooray for that today as we absolutely need this good weather. For morale for sure this year and on this poignant occasion.

Everyone across town was greeted by a fabulously colourful sight as our community came out on to the streets of Petersfield, Union Jacks aplenty, to acknowledge the 75 years since VE Day and the restoration of peace after World War II.

It wasn’t only blue skies above, but also red, white and blue bunting in abundance and a much needed community celebration, with our market town coming as together as is possible on this public holiday.

College Street, in particular, saw its residents uniting for a colourful VE Day Party between 4 & 6 o’clock – with tea, scones and cakes, as befitting – and festooning their gardens and homes in flags, banners and poppies along with wartime tunes piped between the pavements. There was osteopath Terry Alldridge, dentists Bita & Afshin from @collegestreetdentalpetersfield and their patients too.

There was a former Wren in the British Navy who stood with her black & white framed service photographs. Also, fully dressed in wartime uniform and enduring the mid-afternoon temperatures, a super couple who are enthusiastic re-enactors (and Elvis fans 🕺🏽) from Tupelo Cottage.

These are difficult times that we find ourselves living through currently. There is plenty to give thanks for and continue to feel gratitude towards, nonetheless. Today, simply seeing the smiles of fellow residents out in the sunshine, social distance permitting, has been a hugely uplifting and positive experience.

Remembering the joy and celebration, relief and also grief of VE Day.

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