It feels good to be writing this with all the summering months ahead. Exciting new and also repeat commissions booked in for May, June & July.

New lighting and a second camera are recent investments and subtly switching up my photography. I’ve been working with one solitary dslr for the last two years and now feel the need to have a second, as before, to enable stills + film capture options.


Last autumn, I worked on project to visually story tell a rental property. Their website just launched which is very exciting. The grounds at Chauffeur’s Cottage are a feast for the senses to walk around as is, indeed, the surrounding chalky downland area. The outstanding beauty is conveyed very clearly via the online presence that Lisa and Mark collaborated with an agency to bring alive. An orchard and walled garden which, from our drone footage overhead, looks phenomenal alongside the adjacent waving oats fields. A complete tranquil haven. With laying chickens and a flock of rare breed sheep. See it here

GourMay, June, July

With several hospitality client commissions diarised, I’m getting ready to flex my foodie muscles – always enjoyable, licking lips here – to authentically represent their culinary vision in camera, capture the personality of the front of house Team, the prep and process in the kitchen and to visually share the flavour and ambiance of the restaurant. I enjoy working alongside a restaurant to creatively assist them to express their vision in a photographic style which resonates with their identity and showcase their talent.

Oftentimes, we shoot over one or two daytime sessions in between services, to allow me to capture a bank of imagery, a wide selection of the menu items, plenty of stills of the behind the scenes process and all the significant and characterful details of the setting.  This collection of photographs then serves as a collection of consistently styled and colourised imagery to support their marketing across social media platforms, on printed media and to populate their website.

Collage, collage !

Bespoke photo collages are a new commission. Thrilled to be developing skills I first honed as a scissor-snipping teenager snazzing up binders for A level subject material. Also, how is that for a defunct turn of phrase, snazzing up?!

These are divergent from my photography, more vivid possibly and I hope to produce more in the months to come.


A really enjoyable commission for a family celebration involved four sisters who shared a special sibling energy. I’ve included an inbetween frame of them all which is joyladen.

Lichen & Turkey Tails

I foraged some fallen branches after the storms and have had them on a shelf at home to savour and study. I’ve photographed them several times and with each camera. The colouring and fragility of the fungi captivates. The delicate wisps of lichen likewise.


The monochromatic mutt is now back off lead and bolting through local woodland with me. Jumps of jubilant dog joy. It has taken a LOT of practice with the recall on the long lead which is now so knotted and gnarly, like a giant canine owner’s rosary bead string. But we persevered and we are out the other side now. I am proud. Of the dog and of my tenacity both.

He is mostly black and white in colour, hence the monochromatic reference. When sandy skittering or pond dunks have taken place, he does take on an unfortunate ochre tone.

Inspiring this month ..
  • An abundant spread of art and intrigue over at Herbert Hedley. I’ll be sharing work with them for sale this summer. Currently, there is copious beautiful jewellery, art, ceramics and textiles. Stu and Fi are such open-hearted hosts too.
  • Stop This Train local lilting vocals. Ward Thomas, I adore their latest offering.
  • Next book on the bedside table is Wonderland; Britain’s Wildlife day by day  ‘A vibrant year in living things’ says Chris Packham
  • FAIRE is a gorgeous publication which I’ve an article, a photo story on Alison Crowther, featuring in Edition 5 later this month. FAIRE features creativity from around the world. ‘At FAIRE, we want to create something joyfully physical, something to be treasured, a magazine you take your time to read and return to in moments of reflection.’ A certified CarbonNeutral® print product, using FSC® certified paper and natural non toxic inks, our magazine is printed by PurePrint in the U.K.
  • Baby Bears by Julia Recht A ceramic pair of tree-clambering cubs which are pictured below.

If you think you’ve cause to commission photography, either personally or for your business, and either currently or in the near future, I’m a phone call away. Talking through your needs can help clarify what kind of photography you wish to commission; this may or may not be with me and I understand this! Phone conversations are always without obligation.  My mobile no. 07900 626865