Titley and Marr Titley and Marr Titley and Marr Titley and Marr Titley and Marr

Kate is marking a milestone this week. In celebration, to acknowledge four whole decades of her energy, enthusiasm, focus and design at Titley and Marr, I’m sharing some of the highlights from working with her brand.

T&M was formed back in the 80’s and, together, Kate and Ken, Kate’s late husband and also father to Elspeth and Jack, ran the business from London.  Ken, I was not fortunate enough to meet.  Kate and I linked up shortly after Ken passed away and began working together at that point, somewhere around 2013.

I started photographing for T&M following the exchange of what turned out to be a particularly agressive cockerel. George the cockerel to give him a name.  That’s a slight avian aside from this story which revolves around weaves and threads rather than feathers and fierce beaks.  Let’s say nothing more about George and, instead, make mention that Freddie the spaniel has been a thoroughly wonderful companion and pet throughout.

It has been a massive privilege to shoot Collections and occasions for T&M over the last ten years that I’ve been present. I’ve learnt such an immense amount about textiles that I didn’t previously know in the meantime.

Kate is a complete dream of a client to work with.  It’s always fun and lighthearted capturing her collections and textile lifestyle moments that we plan together. Even lovelier when Kate herself is encouraged before the lens. The chats afforded by this work along the way are always entertaining.