Chatoffee; chat over coffee

April 2021

This week, I had a chatoffee – chat over coffee, and yep, that is a completely made-up word, thank you lockdown brain! – with loom talent Kate Box. We threw around some ideas for our next shoot together and her new season’s knitwear designs.
We snagged a couple of breakfast muffins from Madeleine’s Kitchen, a deli of deliriously great gourmandises and made for The Physic Garden, a little green idyll tucked away off the main street in this market town.
It  was looking lush and well-tended. I wanted to buy a plant but was cashless. I have just stopped carrying notes and shrapnel of any kind throughout all this. I’m not the only one surely?
Anyway, the plantman used a little reverse psychology and suggested I steal said spider plant but that he’d run after me only to admit that he isn’t fast. I’ll probably go back tomorrow. With notes this time and not wearing my fastest trainers.
These wood, wicker, woven wool shots are previously unseen moments from a 2020 shoot. We photographed at the workshop of Alison Crowther.
There’s so much change a’coming imminently ; Kate’s stripe colours are about to shift to palettes new and Alison’s studio structure itself is also being constructed. Somewhere in a field in Hampshire. Cue, that Pulp song.
Lots to stay curious for.
As for Mrs Moorhen, I spotted her at a nearby pond and have been meaning to share her.
The tulip, just a rosy and random addition because she happened to be in bloom and looking magnificent.
The boy? My muse and not always amused about it. Sometimes he gives love to the lens. At other moments, he gives a magnificently clear signal that now is simply not the time for it ..


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