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Does your headshot reflect your true personality? Is it the authentic you that you wish people to see? Does it represent you in your professional capacity?

As a professional headshot photographer, I aim to capture an image of you which you feel 100% comfortable with. You’re in the majority if you don’t enjoy having your photograph taken; most people who contact me feel the same. Whether it takes us ten minutes or a multiple of ten, I’m confident…

from £250

Sarah Sheldrake

family session

These are bespoke and very relaxed sessions for families. I take on a limited number in any given month to ensure that I provide you with both an enjoyable experience and a fantastic customer service afterwards.

The session fee is £240 weekdays and £300 at weekends / during school holidays. This covers my time and travel on the day of the shoot and the time & artistry I spend digitally perfecting your images for…

£240 – £300*

Sarah Sheldrake

*Prints and digital files are not included within this price.

new baby session

To honour a very special moment in time for your family with the arrival of a new baby, whether your first baby or an addition to your family. This is a calm and stress free occasion to enable us to gently capture all the tiny, fleeting newborn moments. The little toes and fingers, the first locks of hair, the snuffly faces and first wide-eyed gazes. Along with the all-important Mum & Dad cuddles plus any ( most definitely important ) siblings.

The stylised props, beanbags and deliberately contorted baby posing…


Sarah Sheldrake

weddings and events

I embrace and have a love of experiencing all energies; I’m neither a calm person nor a complete high energy girl, I’m both and as befitting of the occasion.

The high octane thrill of a wedding excites me; I aim to have as much enjoyment photographing the celebrations as you do getting married. Yet, the gentle calm and introspection of a newborn session, that also appeals and floods me with happy hormones; I’ve had four babies myself after all!


Sarah Sheldrake

artisan / brand stories

Authentically representing a brand or business in pictures is a talent I possess and enjoy sharing. Your photography will be brand-appropriate. I can do fully groomed and varnished corporate yet am entirely capable of quirky, small brand start-up.

I ensure that, through extensive discussions with you as client, whether we’re talking face to face or over FaceTime and well in advance of the…


Sarah Sheldrake

education sector

I think that, as a parent to four children of my own, I very much appreciate how important it is for potential parents to see joy and engagement, curiosity and focus in children photographed for education sector imagery.

The photography needs to very clearly convey to parents that their child is going to be absorbed in their education within your setting which also must be as photogenically depicted as possible.


Sarah Sheldrake

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A two hour training programme to help you take your snaps to another level.


A two hour package to introduce you to all the photography basics.


I always start with a discovery call. These are usually between twenty and thirty minutes…


A two hour training programme to help you take your snaps to another level.

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