March 2021

This is a new exploration for a new season – Weristeria – a set of six prints which I’m excited to share with you.

W e r i s t e r i a .. is a verb meaning ‘to wander longingly through the forest in search of mystery.’

Ten sets printed only. The paper, a sturdy, textured watercolour paper.

To purchase your set email me here with your details and I’ll forward a payment link.

Currently with free shipping to UK addresses. Overseas shipping also available.

Each set comes packaged with a wood block stand into which prints slide and may be switched to alternate the display. To bring a sense of ancient woodland from out to in and onto your desk.  

Captured last Spring during long & welcome walks through favourite woodland nearby and as the days began to warm.  I cycled on each occasion, with my camera kit packed in a backpack, tugging heavy at my shoulders. Just a few miles from home, Durford Wood is close to Rogate and overlooks Harting Down. Breathing in the scents and sounds of the forest was such a tonic for the oddness of the time. 

A whole year has elapsed and the Spring sights are about to burst forth once again.  The young, fresh leaf growth will soon dazzle, the buds pop, the bracken crosiers unfurl their wonderful Fibonacci fibres.  And then the turn of the bluebells to dance and nod. They will follow. It’s said that bluebells ring at daybreak to call fairies to the woods.  

Printed on beautiful, textured Hahnemühle 190GS William Turner paper, these are stand alone 6 x 4” prints which may also be framed.

Here are the six photographs which make up the set.



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