February 2021

Half the day has elapsed already and we’re halfway through half term.  I’ve half a plan for what to write here and am allotting myself a meagre half hour to do so. That’s just how it has to be today. Simple as.

I’ve beautiful music playing –  Chloe Foy  – so will cut to the quick and get typing.

The snow has disappeared and there are signs of Spring and that’s just as it should be. Much is not. Yet, I’m a glass half full kinda human bean. Continuing in work & home life to celebrate the everyday moments that continue to inspire and encourage, excite and evolve.

Fizz & fermentation

Moments like discovering Kickass Kombucha brewed locally and by a genius young chef with a brand new business.  Earth to Oven has a freshly baked website and promises a fine new street food menu. Roll on the Spring and Alfie can roll out these delicious wraps and donuts from the trailer. In the meantime, his offer of a seasonal takeaway menu is on point. Try those sourdough donuts; they are perfect crumb-free desk snacks.


Banana skins & coffee mugs didn’t feature in the brief but the blue bakelite table with carpet squares cushioning all the precision-sharpened tools in the barn light, it just shrieked shoot me.

The marvellous work in progress which the pictured gouges are being urged by Alison’s magic hands to create, that sits alongside, just out of shot. Half-finished. Ok, so that might be an exaggeration; there are still some 700 inverted pyramids to carve! Jump across to view ‘Uovo’ and watch it reveal itself week on week. Already a phenomenal and beautiful giant of a piece and so pertinent right now, at this moment in human time.

Family at home.

We deliberated and decided on the favourite images from a fun family winter shoot which included outdoor sculpture pieces also from Alison Crowther, as above. 

Lots of characterful and genuine moments between teenage siblings and bathed in delicious winter light.

Fine Art Prints

Earlier this month, I ran a little Giveaway of a photographic print ‘ Verging’ over on my insta and will be releasing more nature-inspired limited edition giclée prints in the Spring via my online shop. I will also start to sell framed prints from The Himalaya as per the two images featuring here.

If you’d like to purchase any of my framed work or my gift vouchers*, please send me an email to request more details.



* Vouchers come beautifully printed, packaged and personalised and may be redeemed against a number of photography offers, prints & experiences.


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